My Approach

I lead by listening first, and that’s what I am doing as I crisscross Fauquier, Warren, Culpeper, and Rappahannock counties. You can follow my travels across the district here on Instagram and Facebook.

Social media would have you believe that talking politics with your neighbors is risky business and tinder for a culture war.

That’s not how I see it. I’m discussing serious community and economic issues everyday, and people of all political labels are bringing fresh ideas to the table.

In 2019 we’ve held countless events, discussing issues like:

Improving Rural Healthcare

How do we attract more medical professionals to small towns?

Law Enforcement’s Next Challenges

How is Law Enforcement dealing with the rise of social media related issues in the community?

Faith Groups and Community Service

How are churches and faith groups working with county and state services to provide for the neediest among us?

Local Small Business Forecast

How are new and established businesses in the district benefiting and hurting from a changing economy?

Agriculture and Innovation

What new tech, markets, and businesses are farmers talking about in the district?

Careers in the Trades

How do we get word out about good, well paid jobs, in the trades to young people and mid-career changers?

Broadband Expansion

What’s so hard about getting internet out here? What’s next?

Civics and Citizenship in School and at Home

How do we teach responsible citizens and upstanding character to a new tech savvy generation?

Families and Social Media

What are kids doing online and what does online safety mean these days?

Start Ups that Work

What local businesses and shops are succeeding and to what do they owe their success?

Small Town Libraries of the Future

What are these cornerstones of our counties up to next and how do we support their ambitious goals?

Issues that Matter to You

I am here for you. Do you have something you would like to discuss?

Do you have an issue that you’d like to raise? A new idea for people across the district to consider? Or are you interested in hosting or helping organize a roundtable? Send me a note!

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