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I’m focused on building a dynamic rural economy, a healthy and educated community, and smartly embracing technology. If you would like to receive updates, please sign up below.

Rural Economy

I work in a field—cybersecurity—where change happens everyday, and it’s a matter of smarts, flexibility, and hard work that makes the difference between success and failure. Our economy is changing with new technology, new competitors, and new market demands. Virginia is poised to lead a rural, tech savvy economy where young workers, experienced professionals, and veterans all prosper. I am serious about driving more good jobs and boosting growth industries that can power our rural counties.

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Strong Community

Strong Community

The Commonwealth has stellar public universities and colleges, but our commitment to education can’t end there. We aren’t able to retain and attract the best talent when we don’t invest in our hard-working teachers, it’s that simple. We can lead in promoting technical training paths versus funneling all our students up the standard academic ladders. We need a serious look at the ‘one size fits all’ model we have in place, and more flexibility for technical students to thrive.

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Smart Technology

Where was the internet invented? Virginia, of course. To this day 70% of the world’s internet traffic runs through Northern Virginia. And yet, significant parts of our district lack internet access. With broadband deserts across Fauquier, Warren, Culpeper, and Rappahannock, we’re losing opportunities for people to run their businesses, telecommute, apply for jobs, further their education, and access healthcare and other vital online services.

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